How To Tell Your Business Story In An Effective Way

If you are a marketer for any business across the b2b or b2c sector, the importance of branding is becoming more and more prominent for your consideration.

Because with so much competition in saturated digital markets, businesses need to diversify all the time in any way possible. This is what provides the attraction to differentiate from the competition beyond price points and general levels of service or quality level.

Customers are making decisions based on emotional reactions and for this reason, the story of your business as a brand and what it stands for, is crucial.

For marketers who are more technical minded, digitally focussed and more comfortable with using tools for SEO, Adwords or website visitor tracking for lead generation, the visual and certainly creative element can be a large stumbling block for taking the business on to a new level.

Here are some considerations to help with your perspective on adding value through messages and values as a company.

1. Trace the Journey of Your Product

To begin with storytelling for your brand, you should first trace the journey of the products or services you have. It will help you humanize the experience and make it more presentable to the people. When you don’t know your origin, you cannot use it in the storytelling which may become dull and boring.

2. Educate the Clients and Customers

Storytelling should have multiple purposes like sending a good message, solving some important human problems as well as educating the customers and important clients. For B2B, there are a good number of examples they can use for understanding how educating customers is useful and beneficial.

3. Write About Your Brand Origin

As you are done with tracing the origin of your brand, now it should be utilized. You need some great storytellers who play with the human feelings and make it as touchy as possible. It comes with experience. Use of cool words and human expressions in storytelling will be additional benefits.

4. Find Your Hero & Exploit it

What is your hero? You should ask yourself and start exploring it. For every B2B, they have some strong areas, better selling products or services and what makes them famous for. It can be anything. Your hero will make your story more interesting and exciting for the readers and customers.

5. Find Pain Point of Ideal Customers

All the businesses have some ideal customers with pain points. What are the pain points? The weakness or the areas on which customers cannot compromise. For example, in tech sector it is the security of their devices. People prefer secure operating systems. You need to find out the pain points of your customers to include them in your story.

6. Tell the Story of Your Founder

Sometimes, the founders or bosses have great stories to tell to the world. This is indeed a great way to improve your storytelling and make it more effective. You should start with this too. Be realistic and keep it simple. But make the story interesting and appealing to the customers. They will find reasons to buy your products or services.

7. Invest in Visual Storytelling

Microsoft, Google, IBM and all top tech brands use visuals when it comes to storytelling. Videos make the best impression on the users and customers. Take example of Microsoft and how it uses the visual storytelling in its benefits. You can create some amazing stories through videos and visuals.

8. Show Your Humanity Side

Many a time, showing humanity is way better than anything else. A lot of B2B brands exploit the humanity side of their business and tell people how they are working on making humanity feel better, have better resources and live better lives around the world.

9. Resolve Issues with Your Products

If your storytelling doesn’t resolve some important problems, you are not going to make an effect. For example, if you want to sell a browser, you have to tell people what issues it resolves and how it is better than other existing web browsers.


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Finer Variation for the Proper Details in Business Options

Remember that publishers must judge the article quickly. The title and the summary are very important (avoid too long a title or too short summary). Headings and titles should be descriptive phrases instead of statements – pay attention to the length of the title (short), it is a good option that the original title is longer than a line of text.

Do not extend the content of the title, it establishes the expectation and defines the scope. The referees will be looking for that it fulfills expectations. Do not use words like “new” or “first time” if you can search for a title similar to yours with the keywords (editors and referees will consider these words highly suspicious).

Your summary should clearly state the objective:

Make sure you know the type of summary required (structured or not) for the journal you have chosen. You can initially give the main objectives about the importance of your study, do not include a long introduction. More than one or two sentences, it’s probably too much. With the Tands journal publications this is the best deal right way.

Manuscript: Introduction

You must start from the premise that nobody will read the summary. The introduction is the beginning of the study. Be sure to define the abbreviations when they are used for the first time. Provide background information that explains the problem and current knowledge about it. Try to use the most recent bibliography that you have available. In most areas of study, this implies the use of relevant references less than five years old.

Explain what the researchers need to understand / investigate yet. This will lead you directly to the objective of this study.

At the end of the introduction, you should clearly indicate the hypothesis / objectives and make a brief description of the experimental reasoning. These sentences should be logical for readers once they have read the introduction. If this structure is followed, the introduction will easily move the reader to the next section (materials and methods or results, depending on the format of the journal).

Manuscript: Materials and Methods               

The basic question to consider in this section is, “How does my research lead me to answer my questions?” Be sure to answer this question thoroughly. Look up the requirements of the journal about specific phrases that you need to include in the experimental section about:

  • animal treatment ethically / approval committee
  • approval of studies where human involvement is involved

It must list the origin of the cell lines and reagents (if this information is not included, the manuscript can be withheld during the initial process, which will imply a loss of time). Make
sure that the experimental methods are explained in sufficient detail for reproducibility.